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I was privileged to have sedentary on the seashore in seraphic poetic submersion,The ringing sounds from the distant horizon made me entirely lost in my speculation,
It can be found shining through your window in the morning Or through the leaves on the trees at sunset You can find it in a reflection on the water Or in the direction the sunflowers grow
I remember that morning you left me. It was almost as if you were happy. I cannot forget that beautiful smile on your face.   Although my sun was lost, I knew I could paint brighter tomorrows.
​O sweet beaut, so fair and intriguing, At the corner I’m waiting for you; I’m scratching my head, and inquiring, What on earth it were best I should do.
The fourth of July had always symbolized out relationship Not only was it the day we confessed our feelings
I am the ocean. So deep. You couldn’t possibly see everything inside of me. And why would you want to? It’s dangerous. It’s dark. You can’t breathe. I try to pull you inside because I want to feel closer to you.
Falling in love with you Would have been less painful, If only you had beaten me With rings on your fingers And sharp heels On your boots.
It all began with a wrong call To a friend that was known for long He was like a star on a midnight sky And like a wind that I cannot tie You gave the green sign of likeness And I was high
“what do you fear?” she asks. i ponder. i think deeply. what do i fear?i look at her. her bright eyes gleaming into my own. her lips magnifying, pulling my metal heart closer and closer to her.
Explain.  What's wrong, What did I do wrong? You can't say. Whether you choose not to, or you can't figure it out yourself.  But I can't stand the same pain. Over and over and over and over again.
She said that she loves me I tell her it's nonsense. If it's really nothing why can't you be honest?
Dear Luis, My time spent with you made me feel free Our relationship bloomed like the flowers of a sakura tree Each flower looking so beautiful and plentiful in life
Dear Fear, I apologize for the suddenness In which I write this note to you, But as I look back over our time together My thoughts are overdue. You’ve done much to protect me,
Awake to face the noon day dawn like a loving doe or that in a fawn we all want to belong I exist as a vapor then I am no more... And then clouds form when the invisible vapours in the air,
You stole my heart and I let you. You touched my skin and I let you You put your hands around my heart and pulled it out of my chest and I let you
Pain. It wells up and chokes you, And you can’t breathe. When your heart tightens, And it might burst. When you lie awake, And you can’t stop thinking. When you’re wracked with sobs,
Shout out to the people that goes out to all Even if you feel big, even if you feel small Shout out to the rich, can't forget about the poor God blees the greedy, who always want more
Fire was he  He was the one who scared  He was the one who burned  But he also was the one who warmed  You were saying you were fine  Acting all alright  Because you loved him way too much to leave him
Dear Girl, You were on my mind for days and restless nights I wondered if your thought and mine mirror In my mind, perpetually love and fear fight We grew apart but I wish we were nearer
Dear Girl, You were on my mind for days and restless nights I wondered if your thought and mine mirror In my mind, perpetually love and fear fight We grew apart but I wish we were nearer
I cannot find you the real you in my memory you have been faded for a while now  and it's hard to think about you with all the pain you've caused you took my perfect shreds  of glass
To the one who broke my heart,   I loved you Actually, I still do But you left and you're doing you I think about you everyday Thinking if you even think about me in any way
It's on point that's no doubt we fight, bitch & pout yet through a glossy field in rich ardent plains I'm cool like that a real fat cat the cry of relief through the elegant bed sheets
Strangers In A Strange Land II
I listen to my words but they fall far below I'll never make the same mistake carnality lifting through the extreme blinded decorum of harmful interludes there isa cave with evil twisted ways
Life is full of wonders , good and bad. Love can make you go mad. Every time your with someone you love,  you just want to shove everyone else in the way. No else matters, this exlcudes family and friends.
Divorced from the outside world as if you have never heard changes in the back of my head egg shelled in design & form some may insist on cursing the very day they were born
You fascinated me Early Fall, runny noses Pale, dry faces In a room full of obnoxious peers and sleepy eyes I saw you. And you fascinated me.
time after time I sit and wait for your call pouring from a thick alabaster flask a sip of port think back to a nursery rhyme to evoke lasting feelings intact
Cobain's Hard On
A poet of the troubled soul A life on who the devil took his toll A happy bouncing bundle of joy Who turned into an angry stepson boy Dear Boddah, will you be my friend? And always will until the end?
shed some skin work for profit at the nearby gym that's the way its always been you need to be thin look at the late Karen Carpenter anorexia Hollywood can't live up to your perfect ideal
dear heart,         I’m sorry I left you unprotected I thought when I surrendered,  I allowed you to be safer handing you to a pair of hands too rough i should’ve realized that would never work. 
When should i tell you That the young girl smiling at you across the table Kissing you between popcorn kernels and movie scenes Is made of glass And when she falls for guys, she always cracks   
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