Dear my past love

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 16:28 -- Mnallen

I cannot find you

the real you

in my memory

you have been faded for a while now 

and it's hard to think about you

with all the pain you've caused

you took my perfect shreds  of glass

and left them shattered on the ground

and when i picked them up 

my hands were bleeding

you didn't even frown

how could you go

how could you leave like i am nothing

like we are nothing

was i not enough

were we not enough

your life was pure

as far as what you told me

but you lied and deserted me 

how could you 

be so blind

to the love

i gave you

in my prime

of all our moments

and wrinkles in time

your hand still fit in mine

i hope you are well

watching me swallow the pieces of broken glass

you shattered upon me

i hope you are well

with your ego and pride 

tearing you to pieces 

much like the glass

and pains you to see the looks of me

I never wanted to see you go

but it hurt to see me stay...


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