When should I tell you?

When should i tell you

That the young girl smiling at you across the table

Kissing you between popcorn kernels and movie scenes

Is made of glass

And when she falls for guys, she always cracks 


When would i tell you

That your new girlfriend is crying

Would you believe me if I said

It’s not you


A prison of her own design

Traps her haunts her all the time

Whispers dirty nothings in her ear such as

I own you


I mean, it’s our first date

And i dont wanna give you an impression of my depression that drives you far away

But it’s hard for me to smile, teeth are grinding, lips are rhyming, saying

Hey, boo, nice to see you

Wouldnt wanna be you


Could you understand that 

Some days my smile is jumping-jacking, my toes painting in the sand

Drawing shapes that somehow always spell out your name

next day I’m blinded by things I can’t explain,

Getting high off the cracks in my brain

You’ll ask me,

How did you become so broken?

I don’t know,

I’m sorry


If my fingers weren’t so stapled to the bed

You’d see my hands are a compass

Fingers always pointing straight to you

And if there was ever any reason to get out today,

It’s because the force between us is unstoppable tonight

If i float to you and somehow finally reach you

Will you be looking at another young girl by then

Maybe like, made out of wood or cement or something?


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