What's wrong, What did I do wrong?

You can't say.

Whether you choose not to, or you can't figure it out yourself. 

But I can't stand the same pain.

Over and over and over and over again.

Day after day, month after month, year after year.

The same pain, everyone decides to put me through. 

I can't take it, I won't take it. 

I can't stand here as my heart is deteriorating.

As my will to go on just goes backwards. 

I'm not going to let you do this to me. 

I'm sitting at the edge. Wondering whether or not I need to jump.

Would you save me or would you forget me the next day?

Would you cry or sit there and laugh at my stupidity. 

Would you wonder if there was anything you could have done differently. 

You can always do something differently. You can always be kinder. 

But what is it I'm doing wrong?

Why do I scare people away the moment I open up.

The moment I start getting attached. 

Is when you decide it's time for you to go. 

So is it my fault? Do I need to stop talking. 

Do I need to back off, not trust anyone, not open up.

Tell me. 

I try not to trust anyone. I'll open up without expecting you to stay.

I'm terrified. And you don't seem to get it.

I hate everything to do with trusting someone.

With opening up to someone. 

Because they'll leave. For a reason I'm trying to figure out. 

So goodbye. Whenever you leave.

I'll just wave.

The day is getting closer, the more you talk to me, 

The more I start to trust you, to like you. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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