'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ domestic violence

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Our love is like fire It burns at our flesh & heats our core It’s dangerous and exciting  Making us crave more   But we are toxic 
  Our love is pollution Your smolders blanket me in warm reassurance But you’ve suffocated my thoughts My family is in anguish They cried for me to leave you
Did you exist--before him?  Were you alive, were you put together, were you an unfathomably whole thing?   He’s a tinkerer, a marionettist.   
Your fire burns lowBut there's so much to show in your embersYou've been my rock, slowly faded to dust as far back as I rememberWhy do you take the liesBottle things up insideYears have gone by
Staying at home protects the public, but it cannot protect those with black eyes.  Who will protect them from a deadly virus that cannot be wiped away with lysol. 
The Because in Love Love is everlasting Love can overcome Love comes in different shapes and sizes
I think it all began when he started to get silent more often My mama had always told me not to date She said to wait until seventeen  To focus on my education so that I could graduate high school
Eyes wide The air was dry The tension high That living room became a place Of surprise  
In times like these I hope and pray that you find your peace On nights like this  I wish one day you will finally leave In times like these I know he will be the reason for your demise
I like to make connections Creating connections is funBut creating connections creates a contagion -of comparible compatible connections Concise connections, carefully crafted containing continuity 
How many times Have I heard that Roar of your engine?
The silence was overwhelming, Rushing over me like a flood. The darkness swallowed me up,
For those dressed in long draping sleeves on the sunniest of days, quivering as they walk wincing subtly with each step   For those with lilac bruises outlined by hints of yellow
The slamming of doors and tearing of hearts, Where violence mean resolution by sight. And drama seems more intriguing than arts; Words will go flying fast and with all might.
You may look at me, But why do you stare? Have I grown two heads, Does this cause you despair? Did some wings just sprout upon my back? Do I look to be crazed, like I'm going to attack?  
you say you love me but what is love love isn't bruised knuckles and fights at night at least I don't think it is love isn't pinning me down under your knees and yelling at me and me begging you to let me go
The ring Oh how I loved that ring... Shining oh how it shined... Finally, the man I loved would be mine.
Your hands are violent  
He is The Devil with every word he says and with every touch he makes. He grabs me, forcing and rushing me to do things. His eyes says he’s The Enemy, pure black. He tells me he cares and that I shouldn’t have to worry. 
Dear Monster
Was it love when i felt his hands around my neck more than around my waist?When his touch bruised but in those anamalistic markings I felt passion?Colors defamatoryThe rainbow was bright but it wasn't beautiful.My eyes couldnt handle the light I s
I love you. Stay home tonight. Blow off your friends and be with me. Don't text him. Why? Because I love you.  A year ago that would be enough. Now I am sick to look back on the life I had. 
HIM – “We could be together if you didn’t have a baby”, “I do what I want, you ain’t really my ole lady” “Why you “like” that picture on Facebook, do you know that Cat?”
broken bones blackened eyes bleeding wounds “but don’t worry because i love you”   shutting her up
I’ve grown sick of this belief drilled in your head I swear, he’s perfect when were alone together When every night last week I laid restless in my bed
You were my flavor of candy; At first so sweet, Then sharp and deep. The addicting kind of savory, The one that left me weak.  
You were my flavor of candy; At first so sweet, Then sharp and deep. The addicting kind of savory, The one that left me weak.  
Domestic violence is a crimeThat enhances overtimeLoved ones are divine While their partners are enshrined with the mindAnd takes control, resulting in bruises of the neck and ..behind..all of the anger..Stood a broken person.growing up in a broke
I thought you loved me  I thought you held the sky  I thought everything happened for a reason  I thought going home with bruises from date night was normal But Sarah doesn't get them from her boyfriend
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