The Connections

I like to make connections 
Creating connections is fun
But creating connections creates a contagion 
-of comparible compatible connections 
Concise connections, carefully crafted containing continuity 
Connection A connects to Connection B, continuing to Connection C, e t c (read as ee, tee see)
You see--- 

I connected concepts to connect to a conclusion 
That our contacts can't connect without containing concerning contusions 
Our cooperation creates contest, not "contest" in CoopersTown, contest in conversation 
Contest in combination 
Ideas conceive, we converse, conversation creates combat and we can't conclude 
I comply and you conquer, or you comply and I conquer, but nonetheless we never coalesce
We contemplate compromise, but conversely continue to combust 
You call me crazy, I crack up
I call you careless, you carelessly crack cups
I crawl carefully into my comforter confine, you continue to create a combine 
You kick me, I call cops, I cry, you don't even try to comply 
Cuffs come out, case closed 

You're in jail

Now I'm lonely 

Misery commands company, even with criminals 
You click me, you call company, you try and I comply, we collide 
Condoms come out, laced clothes 
I crave you, you crave me, it's crazy 
You come home, I cook and clean as you contaminate the scene 
We kiss, it's bliss 
I'm comfortable 

But then, I connect connections 
Kisses on your face I couldn't have placed 
Our conversations continue to create combat 
Only now you just conquer
You crack my skull, you call me cunt 
You can't contemplate compromise cuz we can't converse 
I crawl into my comforter confine, you're on crack so you attack my crevice 
No condom, no clothes 
You crave me, I hate you, its, its... 

I see the way this is going 
I see the pattern you're showing and the way that we're growing 
And I can't keep on going knowing I made 
The Connections

This poem is about: 
Our world


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