The Because in Love

Thu, 01/16/2020 - 11:34 -- Ash2695

The Because in Love

Love is everlasting

Love can overcome

Love comes in different shapes and sizes

But some believe you can only have one

I stayed under your shadow

I believed everything you said

I stayed dormant in your home

I feared you while I laid quiet in your bed

Because I Loved You

I worked 2 jobs

I Supported you fully

You did nothing while I worked myself gruelingly

You’d yell, scream, and fight

It’d some time get physical

But I stayed with you even when it got difficult

Because I Loved you

I finally got the courage to leave

“To hell with Akeim”

When people would ask me

It stung

It hurt

But I knew this just couldn’t work

Then I got pregnant and everything changed

“ It’s going to be different this time it definitely won’t be the same”

Then I caved

Because I Loved You

Missed appointments


All leading to this

A single mother having to pick back up the sticks

“I’ll never find love again”

“No one will want me”

Things were starting to look really crummy

Then you came

My light in the dark

Even though it was hard I let you into my heart

Because I Love You

You showed me sincerity which was hard to believe

“You actually love me for me?”

Every inch

Every curve

You took to them so well you didn’t even swerve

Because You Love Me

Every wall I put up

Every bridge I knocked down

You just found another way around

“Your daughter is our daughter”

“No matter the genetics”

“You and her are my family just like the Jetsons”

Because You Love Me


“So this is what love is?”

I guess they were wrong

There are there are different strokes of love and bonds

Just because it feels right doesn’t mean it’s not wrong

Someone who loves you would never cause you harm

Love is intangible

It has many sides

But remember true love never dies

They love you for you

No judgement required

That type of love takes you higher and higher

Just remember to always keep in mind

True love begins with self love

You’ll find the one without even trying

I found my true one and only

And yes, it was a long journey

It was So long that I gave up hope

I found it hard to cope

But it finally happened

In the weirdest way

But it was only because now

I Love Me

-Ashley Williams 1/16/20


This poem is about: 
My family


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