Blue Pains

Your hands are violent  

They hurt me 

They hit me 

They push me 

They break my skin open 

Your hands are violent. 

And I still forgive them 

For hurting me 

For hitting me 

For pushing me 

For making me bleed. 

Your touch is painful 

It lures me  

It takes advantage of me 

And I let it 

And I still forgive it 

For manipulating me 

For taking advantage of me. 

Your emptiness is a storm 

It is against me 

It screams at me 

It scares me 

And yet, I still forgive it 

For standing against me 

For roaring at me 

For frightening me. 

Your words pierce a knife through me 

Slow and steady, watching every  

Single emotion drain out of my body 

With every drop of blood 

And so I sit here up in my  

Own hell  

Wondering if  forgiving you  

Was a way to forgive the pain 

That you and many others like you 


You promised  

And you broke it  

And i 

Forgave you 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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