Empty Promises

you say you love me but what is love
love isn't bruised knuckles and fights at night at least I don't think it is
love isn't pinning me down under your knees and yelling at me and me begging you to let me go
love is not fists and angry words and broken promises
love should be more than all of this
i was taught at a young age that love is never what it seems
love isn't a dad never coming to visit his little girl
love isn't pushing your loved one down the stairs and then apologizing because you were "too drunk" and didn't know what you "were doing"
love is stupid fights but then apologizing because you know it was stupid
it's keeping your promises and learning to live with your mistakes and loving the others flaws
it is not staying with the other person because you love them
it is not staying with them because you don't want to hurt them
it is not any of these because when you love someone you don't want to hurt them but you don't want to get hurt by them
love is so complicated yet
so understandable at the same time
love is not simply explainable yet
you can put it into words so simply
love is love.

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