2017 because i love you scholarship

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Growing up, love was ignorance.  Ignoring the yelling, Ignoring the throwing, Ignoring the muffled cries of fearful tears. 
I don't know if it's the way he air plays every instrument to any song within a 20 second time span, or if it's how he readjusts his hat every seven minutes, or if it's the feeling that rushes over me when he hugs me and refuses to let go until at
As you look in my eyes, You see me, Not just my face or my hair, You see my soul, When you look at me, My heart feels whole,
let me tell you the story of a boy who wasn’t man enough to love.   it goes something like:   because i love you… i can’t be with you.
I can see you are not fine, Even when you say so You are hurting Very badly Deeply Your heart is bleeding out From the exhaustion, the little Pricks of pain hat bursts in your aching heart
I love you I daresay, the way you hold me, the way your heart touches mine and beats in tandem, a feeling that we're tied together belong together,   I don't hurt you,
You and I, never saw eye to eye Four years together, and I don’t think I ever Thought it would end this way We grew apart, though we stayed in each other’s hearts
The darkness you cast upon me should not be an excuse because you say you love me. My body is not an object you are entitled to because you say you love me. I do not have to be tied around your leash because you say you love me.
The darkness you cast upon me should not be an excuse because you say you love me. My body is not an object you are entitled to because you say you love me. I do not have to be tied around your leash because you say you love me.
I’m waiting for you on a cold night in January My hands are shaking, fingers turning to frost You’re late by an hour and a half But that’s ok, because I love you.   You finally pull up
Because I love you are my world, and you reciprocate Because I love you I can respect myself, and as you Because I love you we can take our love with steps, and you walk with them
  #BecauseILoveYou I understand that there are timesThat the words do not reach,That sometimes all you need Is someone there to tell you Everything will be okay #BecauseILoveYouWhen my thoughts pull me under, grabbing my ankles, And I forget to br
The stars in the skies aligned. The infinite universe smiled. In a second, our eyes met, And everlastingly, sparks flied.   Our stardust souls intertwined.
"Because I Love You" are words too strong To be said to everyone that comes along Choose carefully who to say them to  And make sure they are meant for the one who might say "I do"  
“Because I love you” You said, As if it were all that mattered.   Yet still, I struggled - Looking for more of a reason.  
I watched in utter shock and disbelief The mouth that kissed me the day before Was now bringing me to tears Not missing a beat as he ripped me apart. I know it hurts but the pain is necessary, right?
I always admired the way our hands communicated. I loved feeling your middle finger graze over mine.
Because I love you, Your privacy is yours to keep Your friends and your mind too In sickness and in health I’ll stay and never make you weep  
The leaves tumble down, All except for one. She's already faded to brown, But the tree thinks she's as gold as the sun.   She trembles at the cold, And the tree knows it's time.
It isn't when I say it. It isn't the way you look. Only inside may it exist.   With care and concern you stay in my thoughts, wishing you the best.   My love for you?
I'll always be there for you because I love you I'll always be here because I love you No matter how many times time gets hard and we fall distant We'll fight because where else can we go?
Distance is a funny thing. To others, it is an investment of time worth laughing at Simultaneously a vicious corruption that will always, Without fail,
Because I love you, trust is an absolute must.   Because I love you I can be strong and vulnerable;  I can be me, and not someone i think you may want to see.  I know that is what you love about me. 
We are born, We live, we die. We get married, or don't. Have kids, or don't. Continuing to live Is an option. When we die Is an option until it isn't. Loving someone is never
Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock, Knock Knock. “Hold on, almost done!” Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock  “Okay, four times... Come in.”   Your beautiful brown eyes  Shine as you take four steps 
because i love you i will let you be your own and myself mine, rather than suffocating you- while we may be made of the same star dust
“Because I love you”, You said, As if it were all that mattered.   Yet still , I struggled - Looking for more of a reason.  
I'll wrap you up in linen blanket, the one with your favorite pattern. I'll turn on the channel to your favorite show, the one with the blue haired guy. I'll bring you home a candy bar, the one you eat too much of,
Because I love you, what a wonderful phrase Because I love you, used so often these days Because I love you, how the meaning has changed to manipulate minds and bring about pain  
Love is providing back-up when the platoon needs it. Your Platoon. Love is pushing one to do better and go farther than even the person receiving the love thought possible.
As I walk,            do not walk in front; for I will not follow. As I walk,             do not walk behind me; for I will not be pushed. As I walk,
It teaches you who you are And shows you what you’re becoming The foundation To healthy relationships So that you’re not left there stumbling There’s only one person I’ve ever fallen in love with
When days are dark, and you push me away  I stay, because I love you When you feel like you can't go on, and you cant be loved I stay, because I love you When you don't believe in yourself 
  I love you You love me But I’m not you And you’re not me   That’s how it should be.   You are you
  Warm August Sun; a clover for your hair Yearlong embrace you watch me walk away How does the saying go again? If you Love something set it free   Change is the only constant in life
Because I love you, I chose to drown in the sorrows of this pain- To observe the light from afar Because I love you, I've finally found true love The smile of two people, Bound to tomorrow and
Love what really is love and why do so many people think they feel it in the first place? Love does it not cause pain amongst the empty hearted ones and inside your soul?
"Because I love you," those words ring in my ears,I feel myself slipping, I feel those tears dripping. Because you love me, I let you use me,Because you love me, what might sound toxic to others Plays through my head...a sweet melody. Because you
Because I love you I’ll give you my smile Because I love you I’ll give you my hand  
My love is your mattress without the sheets as we lay barechested on the floor because you just don’t trust it because it came with your apartment and who knows who's been on it doing what?  
Because  your voice is like a river’s stream Each time you speak, your words are made for me. Content is how I feel because they seem
    When I see you, I would have the biggest smile on my face.
I don’t cheat because I love you  I don’t demand to know where you’ve been because I trust you I don’t call you a bitch behind your back because I respect you I don’t stand you up on a date because every second I get to spend with you is a blessin
I start to confess my true feelings Because I love you   I laugh at your jokes  Because I love you   I fight back anxiety whenever you're around  Because I love you
  I promise to love you to your dying day Even if I have to pay  I promise you I'll never leave
Three words should ignite a  fire within your bones Three words should fall gently like a delicate snowflake on beautiful glowing skin Three words 
You say love is a complex, web of things. But love is not when you yell because I came home late from work, Love is not getting jealous of my friends, Love is not getting mad at what I said and leaving bruises.  
Because I love you I’ll never leave your side. Because I love you I’ll be here till the day you die. Though we fuss and argue a billion times. I can’t live without you by my side. I need you through the good times and through the bad.
You are my crocodile, You are beautiful, intelligent, and my favorite When I look at you I see a crocodile, Confident and mysterious  You put my in a trance when I look into your green eyes,
He needs to She needs to He said She said Auburn leaves drift over their hearts Buried deep They cannot see Me Me Me   Mist curls around two figures
Because I Love You I’ll take my time Wait until you’re at your prime Because I Love You Consent is Key I need to know if you really want me Because I Love You We can take breaks
We had been friends a little while. Small conversation, gentle smile. The bus drops us off, we stay and talk until I must leave and take that dreaded walk, away from you.  
Because I love you By: Xavier Rodriguez   Do I love you? Do I do these things because I love you? Will I lie, Will I die,
She feels lighter, somehow Something soft and gentle in my arms The same pink mouth and doe-eyes The same soft skin on the back of her neck
It’s not that I love you because you’re compassionate, And strong even in your weakest moments. I do not love you because of your blue eyes That shine brighter than the sun.
Because I love you I'll trust you when you're with friends I'll encourage you and all your dreams I'll never jude you when you follow stupid trends I'll believe in you with your crazy schemes
Because I love you, Emptying out my heart to you doesn’t seem as scary, Caring and loving you comes with ease, Adoring you comes naturally,
Since the first day I had butterflies in my stomach, Because I love you, those butterflies turned into a baby Every morning I'm excited to see you, Because I love you, our love makes me happy to be with you
Driving in the heat and cold, we take our time in the back roads. We sit and we laugh, sharing our gossip. We make sure to have fun even if we are opposites. You come from your family, and I come from mine.
I think about the way he grins. The morning light cuts through, not nearly as bright as him.  I never saw someone so happy to simply greet the day.  He laugh, pointing out
I was told never to care what other people say, I was told never to think about mindless things, I was told never to lose control Too bad, I've done all those things I have cared for what a single person has said
I could feel you on my skin like summer heat I start to feel a drip I'm glistening I bite my lips because I am excited but also nervous
A list of what I do for you: Scare you with a giant boo! Stare for an uncanny amount of time, Label you my partner in crime. Make you pinapple milkshakes To prevent all of your headaches.
Because I love you:   I know your favorite cereal and not to wake you up before 9AM on Saturday I know the moments you need your space and the times I know I can’t help
Love is kind but also cruel Everyone said don't fall for it ....don't But she still looked at him as a hidden jewel Someone she could mend on her own  
You trust me and I trust you, enough to leave you in a room  with the toys you've been through. You ask me why I do not notice the others? It is because I am to busy noticing you. 
Nine years ago you and I had never met -but you would not have liked me then I was with others whom I now regret I wished I had met you all ages ago when I was only ten  
Because I love you, No matter what you say may be wrong, I'll always be there to help you. Because I love you.
Because I love you, No matter what you say may be wrong, I'll always be there to help you. Because I love you.
Old pictures in the album, Which nobody touched for a long time.   Pieces of Memories in my mind, Which lost their names a long time ago.   a young girl lived in my universe,
Simply because. Because I want the best for you. Because I feel joy in your own happiness. Because I love your smile I love your nose Every little thing about you.
  Be careful Call me when you get home safely Drive Safely Eat your meals Drink water Get some rest Have some snacks Rest your mind I tell you these things
It's hard. Looking at you in the mirror. Looking at myself. What others think of you, Runs through your head. What your mother thinks, What your father thinks, What your grandparents think...
Because I Love You I give a piece of myself away Each day I put my hopes and dreams to the side Put them on the back burner A candlelight extinguished to be replaced with the
your hands are warm, they never harm. your eyes look at me, and in that smile of yours I see the present
I want you to be happy. I want to see you smile everyday. I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to be surrounded by people who care about you. I want to dream big, go far, and make it all come true.
Your tears shake me and your smiles make me When I pray it's your name that first comes to me. Before me, I think of you. I look at myself every day and realize, that I am custom made for you
Because I love you, I wait as your true love. Because I love you, I pray for you not to force my religion on you, but because I believe in the power of prayer and I love you.
Love, Deep, Caring, Trusting, Compassionate, Healthy, Normal. No control, No hate, No Abuse, No Pain, No Manipulation. Support, together, helping, best friends; Love is Friendship.
I don't want your passwords I don't want six hundred texts a day I don't want you to give me all of your time I don't want you to buy me luxury The only thing I ask is That you won't forget about me
Because I love you, I want you to do well in school. Did you sleep well last night, did you eat enough food? Because I love you, I missed you last night. But missing you reminds me I’m one lucky guy.
You should love me, why? because I love you Because I cater to you and treat you like a king Love isn’t just what you say but what you do
Because I love you I will express my feelings using words   Instead of keeping you in the dark   Because I love you I will keep an open mind to your thoughts and opinions  
I can't remember the time I ever did it right. I tried and tried but I lost my sense to fight. The urge to fall in love just wasn't in me anymore. The nights were long and I felt done for.
You fucked me up Bad. You saw me. Saw my soul. Clean and fresh And perfectly ripe. You set your sights
Because I love you, I say "Buckle Up" and "Drive Safe" Because I love you, I ask, "How was your day?" Becuase I love you, I ask, "Have you eaten today?" Because I love you, I say, "Sleep tight"
Because I love you, I say "Buckle Up" and "Drive Safe" Because I love you, I ask, "How was your day?" Becuase I love you, I ask, "Have you eaten today?" Because I love you, I say, "Sleep tight"
I love you, Not because of your looks - I look better - on good days anyway.   I love you, Not because we like hiking together - Until me, you've never owned a pair hiking shoes.  
  “I love you.” Sometimes doesn’t sound like those words at all. For me, “I love you” is the hardest thing to say. When I do, it’s an empty sentence, too commonly used.
‘I love you’ was the words you said ‘I love you’ was the words you repeated ‘I love you’ are the words we all yearn to hear ‘I love you’ are words we also fear ‘I love you’ were the words you whispered in my ear
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