Lighter Now

She feels lighter, somehow

Something soft and gentle in my arms

The same pink mouth and doe-eyes

The same soft skin on the back of her neck

That my lips rest on while we sleep

But she feels lighter

Less like pressure, less like build up

Less like flames


More like air-

She’s not compressing my chest

She’s resting on it-

Not burning my skin, making my heart pound

But calming me


It feels like I’m holding someone else entirely

Except my soul knows

You can’t fake soul


Then again, I must feel lighter too

Not something holding on for dear life

Just someone sleeping

Feet still sticking out from the covers

Lips still-always-the same on her back

But I’m so much lighter

Less urgent, less unsure

Less like an earthquake


More like gentle rain

Not holding her as if I might never

Hold her again

But holding her just as though

She’s already guaranteed

No matter how far she flies

Her soul knows its way home


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