Because I Love You

I'll wrap you up in linen blanket, the one with your favorite pattern.

I'll turn on the channel to your favorite show, the one with the blue haired guy.

I'll bring you home a candy bar, the one you eat too much of,

And I'll do this becuause I love you.

You'll wrap up next to me, keeping me warm.

You'll turn off the TV and pass me the remote instead, laughter filling the room.

You'll leave half of your candy on the table, knowing I want a bite.

And you'll do this because you love me. 

Because love is sacrafice, but in a beautiful way,

Sacirificing and sharing, meeting in the middle.

Some might deem that definition of love as unhealthy.

But love is not caring what we have to give up,

Because it's greater to see the eyes of our loved ones widen up with the reflection of the TV or the candy wrapper,

or hiding behind blankets. 

It is not seen as a sacrafice but an act of kindness to express the gratitude,

to express emotion and that our happiness is tied.

To express that because I love you, I will never stop being in love with you. 

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My family
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