A promise

We had been friends a little while.

Small conversation, gentle smile.

The bus drops us off, we stay and talk

until I must leave and take that dreaded walk,

away from you.


So thats why on that warm day in May,

I asked for us to be something more

You considered before saying with your quiet voice

You had always wanted to be the one to present the choice

So stay you did and our love grew.


It was through our life as two

That I learned what it means to say "I love you."

That phrase, its not a tool

Not something you can throw around

Like a whip in the hands of a horse drawn fool


Its a promise.

A promise to say I'll be there

When your mind is your worst enemy

And your thoughts have too much to share.

When you ask why I have to carry your pain too

I'll say "Because I love you."


Its a promise.

A promise to say you'll be here

When I'm in the hospital

With doctors saying things to feed my fear.

When I ask why you're here to gain pain anew

You'll say "Because I love you."


So I promise you

that whatever life throws at us, old or new

I'll be here to say


"I love you."

This poem is about: 
My family


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