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If you paid me just a dollar For every waking thought I've ever had
           Note: This Is An Anti-Bullying Song. Please don't leave your hate in the comments. enjoy   Will this hate every end? Will they ever love again? they won't stop. they just think its funny.
Unheard, Unseen Blind, naked and uncontrollable trembling. Drowning me, Suffocating me. Are you okay? Whats wrong? Why cant you say? You're a fake Just afraid. You're not pretty, 
Tell me a secret. Something no one knows. Tell me a secret, And I’ll tell you mine too. We’ll pretend we don’t know how to use them against us.
I stare into the mirror and see dark, murderous eyebrows. Seriously my eyebrows look like Norman Bates in the last 20 minutes of Psycho
Please Don't laugh at me Don't point at me Don't snicker when you see me Don't giggle at my pain Or smile when I fail I am only who I can be Don't pick on me because I am different
You reap what you sow.   Your skin is peeling Raw and exposed Do you see what I see? Ignorance is bliss   Heart disease liver disease mental disease   You reap what you sow
you place the blades to your wrist again, the blood begins to pool, you think your family will never be whole and you wittness oppression at school.   but you only want someone to see,
her soul told her she was alright but society told her otherwise   the mirror only brought her despair she didnt feel comfortable anywhere   her heart was so heavy, her mind so light
the lies go on, never once ceasing hitting my heart as it continues bleeding   like a river of hate your speech spills out why do you do this? i just want to drown  
Sometimes I can't see past the pain It's really hard to explain Why can't I just live my life Without it cutting through me like a knife? The names they call as I walk by
Call me a freak, call me a loser In one ear and out the other I’ll stand tall No matter what you do, you can’t make me fall Because I know I’m different from you
What is considered attractive? How is beauty measured? Aren't we all special as individuals?
Bad  Unyeilding Leave me alone Leave everyone else alone you BULLY!
NIght comes and goes im in a deep sleep dreaming about what happenes next  i wake up tired and my long day startes i have to use public transportation to get to my destination 
The pres
Walking down the halls I see it everywhere In some way shape or form bullying is going on. This needs to stop.  I am but one person but my voice is heard by thousands.
A thought in time I now know was a crime I use to think that anything different from what I liked was enough Insight to demand change from any little critter This turned me bitter  
The memori
I'm just another   double digit age                         with                              triple digit scars   I rolled up my sleeves and chased a dream
Tolerence is something everyone needs to learn
Paint the wall, peel the paint
Deep, deep down inside you, you have the power. You have the voice you can make the choice.
Many times, I have heard of young girls and boys who, All thanks to bullying, Have committed suicide. Why would people even try to ruin their lives? Most of us victims were innocent.
You can't spell 'Bully' without 'bull'as in Bullsh!t- which is brought by:
I’m like a phoenix When I burn down I rise from ashes Straight off the ground  
they shove you down They cut you up There words like knives that make you feel alone The words that turned a heart of gold into a black hole They say kids are curl That is true but adalts can be mean too
Beauty   Beauty lies within,
I’m a whirlpool, No, A thunderstorm, No, A category 5 hurricane, Of thoughts, and hopes, Of memories, and dreams, Of puzzle pieces and star dust.   But everything stays silent.
With the weight of 12 worlds on your shoulers the years of adolesence take a tole on your mind the same years that your parents spend theirs reminiscing in are the same that you enter this competition for a better life
When something beautiful is destroyed,  It grows back twisted and ugly.  You will find it hiding from the sun in fear,
Some have been lost, Others have fallen, But each has been remembered.   Yet you turn around, So happy and joyful, To lay eyes on a nobody.   You mock them and spit at them,
Once there was a girl carefree, until after the grade of three. for when she walked into grade four,
I'm just a girl With a withered past and blurry future. I can't tell you much about where I come from.. At least not when you ask about ym parents. All I know is my dad's black, I'm a bastard child.
Beautiful Words, Are to be spoken to beautiful peopleThey are to be heard by beauiful soulsThey are to be cherished by beautiful hearts
Some wear nooses like necklaces tied tightly with the words of those with hollowed out hearts Some experience sleepless nights filled with the empty promises of brighter days but fear remains that nothing will change.
Here I stand                Absolute       The monsters rising up beside me Clawing          and grabbing and pulling I scream     "I am no longer yours to have!"
I'm tired of schools taking claim And not going by their word By putting "anti-bully zone" in the name. Am I the only one who finds it absurd? Your idea is to do these kids a favor,
Trust is like a currency or a golden ticket. Giving it to that special someone, So they will stay and be your friend. Trust is something will live for and strive from.
I smile I laugh I joyously shout I hug I cry for them And they cry for me I help as best I can I pry for those who need the prying I hide for those who want the hiding
People look at her But they don’t see clearly. She is different for sure, So they overlook her-nearly.
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