Nothing Extraordinary

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 13:37 -- krae.97


I'm just a girl

With a withered past

and blurry future.

I can't tell you much about where I come from..

At least not when you ask about ym parents.

All I know is my dad's black,

I'm a bastard child.

My mom's whit,

yet that didn't prevent her from abandoning me.

You see, I don't see what all the fuss is about with knowing where you come from.

What does your ancestrial history have do you with how you'll live your life?

I've survived this long without knowing.


I'm nothing extraordinary.

But I'm appy with who I've become.

And it never had anything to do with race.

I'm a girl who's grown into a woman..

maybe a little too fast.

Someone who spills her heart out on a page.

Someone who's been fucked over far too often.

And it had nothing to do with race.


I'm nothing extraordinary.

I deal with the racist jokes.

I deal with people who have a phobia of blacks.

Because I know they're ignorant dumbasses.

Especially if they can't look past race.


I'm nothing extraordinary.

I love passionately...

and never truly hate.

I wear my hear upon my sleeve,

people tease me for it.

But I know I'll go farther because I'll never let bullies cloud my vision.


I'm nothing extraordinary.

I'm just a girl with a dream.

The will to fly.

Because I know you don't have to be ANYTHING extraordinary.


Just be determined,

then you'll succeed.


So, I'd personally like to say,

"Fuck you!"

to the people with black phobia,

to everyone who ever believed child abuse was a cycle,

to those who call you weak for wearing your heart upon your leeve,

to those who ever doubted me,

to the ones that bullied me

pushed me into the dirt

and kicked me while I was down.

Because I know you'll all be kissing my ass

When I'm the one to succeed. 





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