How to Positively Impact Others

I smile

I laugh

I joyously shout

I hug

I cry for them

And they cry for me

I help as best I can

I pry for those who need the prying

I hide for those who want the hiding

I give comfort to those who need it most

I timidly twitch my lips upward

When others lower their heads in shame

I buy for those who need the money

I lend to those who wish for sweets

And they let me borrow as well

For friends, I encourage, push further, cheer

For enemies, I clap softly

I giggle for those who need laughter

Genuinely, I speak to those who need friends

I enjoy listening to others’ ideas

And find them being open to mine

I wink at those who are fun and curious

I dance for those who want to laugh

I play for those who have forgotten beauty

Even if they cannot hear,

It is the gesture that counts

I try to be a best friend

To all, to others, to different people

I love when there needs loving.


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