they shove you down

They cut you up

There words like knives that make you feel alone

The words that turned a heart of gold into a black hole

They say kids are curl That is true

but adalts can be mean too

Using there words like knives to cut us down to size

There is a girl that's only 13 she goes by the name Emily

Everyday she puts on a brave face she hides her pain

she doesn't know any other way

If you saw her you wouldn't know she comes from a broken home

That her mother works all the time and her father beats her and cuts her down before she can ever fly

A blind boy who is only 5 endures harsh jokes his class mates make

He laughs to but only to hide his pain as the teacher looks away

If only she knew the boy hoped and prayed for her to see or for one day them to stop

So the grown ups say kids are crule it is true

they also say sticks and stones can brake your bones the end of thoughs lines aren't true words can kill you

There's a teen who took her life leaveing a note with a simple goodbye

as her parents saw latter it was words that hung and tied that nuse


Stop the words of hatred

Stop before it starts

Stop cutting and lying to yourself

Stop and untie that knot from around your neck because you are not alone

I cry out stop

I cry for you

For that little girl and blind boy

To the ones being told you are nothing I say stop put an end to this

I say stop before more are lost

I beg and pleed for all who feel broken battered and betrayed and feel that you can't take another step

I say stop and listen

I say to all of thoughs who have loved and lost to thouse who where there heart on you selaves

Be who you are no matter what they say and help stop this curl queer way

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