I Don't Understand


I don't understand.

You people tell me that I'm smart and wise and all things perfect.

yet I can't go one evening without breaking down and crying because
I'm not supposed to love a girl.
My heart isn't allowed to fall into the hands

of a girl just like me,

because that isn't what love is supposed to be,

Because biblically, it was Adam and Eve,

not Adam and Steve,
and who am I to disagree?
Who am I to refute the words of a kid my age

who, mentally, is decades behind society?
I understand that we all don't think equally,

we all don't agree with the laws of our wonderful country,

but people are different.

You can believe what you want to believe,

I'm not telling you that you can't.
Your beliefs are only a problem for me

if they cause an innocent teen to
slit their wrists

or to sob uncontrollably

because some idiot called them a faggot

or told them they were going to Hell

just because they were different.
If a girl loves a girl,

that's not acceptable,

and why?
Just because you say it isn't?
Just because you don't think the same?
I think that people today need to learn the difference

between an opinion and a belief,
an outlandish discrimination and a peaceful protestation,  
because this pointless violence is really getting out of hand.
Slavery was abolished decades ago,
despite the efforts of the old, rich white folk
who believed otherwise.
So then why is it so difficult
to outlaw the prejudice and blatant refusal of rights
to those who love differently and those who identify
as something that they aren't technically labelled as physically?
How hard is it to find the similarity

between the old days of slavery

and the homophobia-riddled sufferings of today's society? 
I cannot even begin to fathom
how a child can go through this world

refusing another kid their equal rights 
just because of their romantic preference.
I don't understand that,
and I probably never will. 



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