Imitative Policy


I'm tired of schools taking claim
And not going by their word
By putting "anti-bully zone" in the name.
Am I the only one who finds it absurd?

Your idea is to do these kids a favor,
But in all honesty you are making it worse.
Instead they are left to savor
In neglect, bitterness, and remorse.

A bully's many forms are often overlooked.
It could be a parent's rejection,
Mental health that has been unhooked,
Or even their heart was left with no direction.

The best we can do is love and support
The ones who wear masks,
So possibly they can break short
And smile by putting away their flasks.

It is a state of mind, seldom can it be controlled.
Someday it might get through the thick skull
Of the district's adamantine mould.
Maybe so, the school will satisfy it's goal.


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