A little Day In My Life


NIght comes and goes im in a deep sleep dreaming about what happenes next 

i wake up tired and my long day startes i have to use public transportation to get to my destination 

school starts for me and promblems come out of the blue, i have to calm down for me to be able to 

focuse on school, bullies will talk about me but its hard for me to ignore next thing i know  im 

screaming lound because im not the type of person that stay quiet you will know who you trying to

bully I know deep down i should just report it but i always say i can handle it but now i know i have 

to speak up lound a clearn against bullying. my day ends at  3:24pm. I catch A bus Then the train to 

get to where i live it takes 3 hours to get home the crazy things that happen during does hours 

people; are starting fights harrasing people or just being weird and trying to steal, when i get home

all does problems disappear next thing im doing is home work ,and eating then night comes that fast

for me i have the whole night for myself to have amazing and wonderful dreams about a little day in 

my life.


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