Tell me a secret.

Something no one knows.

Tell me a secret,

And I’ll tell you mine too.

We’ll pretend we don’t know how to use them against us.

Just like everyone else,

We’ll pretend nothing can break us.

Not the stones they throw,

Or the threats on our life.

Not a single word can break down our disguise.

But deep down inside,

We see through the lies,

We see all the pain,

And the tears in their eyes.

We know what our words do,

and yet we still use them.

Something so young,

(Just a few centuries.)

A magic,

‘Cept we use them to break down our enemies

A privilege there,

not meant to abuse,

And yet we abuse them for our own use.







And quite a bit more.
Don’t forget that I LOVE you,

but I’m leaving you tomorrow.

You’d be so BEAUTIFUL baby,

Just look like a model.

You’re worthless, SLUT!

I wouldn’t pay you a dime

from the money I saved getting away from my crimes.

I’ll tell you my secrets,

But will you believe them?

Or use them against me in my moment of weakness.

Millions of different types of fish in the sea.

Are you a good or a bad one,

Or are you like me?

Who hasn't decided their intentions in sight,

But decided words aren’t worth the risk of a LIFE!


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