Everything Is Awesome Poetry SLAM

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Hold on to me I say, let the light guide you where ever it leads, recognize grace in yourself. Trust me, when you fall back i’ll be there
A collection of Haikus for the Everything Is Aw
You are awesome.You needAnd seekYou smileAnd shineYou laughAnd cryYou faceAnd hideYou discourageAnd learnYou actAnd reflectYou are many things.
Some foundation, some powder Don't forget to line your eyes And paint your lips And just a little bit of blush And cover up that pimple That eye is a little bit bigger than the other
Nature is awesome, Sun, mon, stars, rainbows, and clouds, Perfect everywhere
Many things are great in life, and as true as this may be, not many can overcome disaster quite the way that nature can.   Untouched by humans, yet so interconnected they are so.
Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I get out of bed, Long before dawn. After getting dressed, I walk outside just as the amber sun reflects on the clouds in orange hues.
  It’s easy to say that life is hard. It’s easy to say you’re struggling through. Easy to say you drew the wrong card.
Fears are what make people humans Heights, Spiders, Storms   My fears make me awesome I fear storms and unexpected changes   It’s the small things, Like fears that define us  
"Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around, what you're doing. Recreate and repeat."
Blonde hair, blue eyes, crooked smile Round hips, big burps Short girl, Good student
You were made to live So go, live You've been given legs to jump and leep So go, jump and leep as high and as far as you are able Your hands have been made so that you may hold another's
Where do you go when you want to be alone? There are a thousand places in the world i call home.  Some I have only been to in my mind. Others are high rocks reached after a climb.
Whether it be true love or the sight of a baby dove. Whether it be an amazing view or a visit from your baby nephew. Whether it be being wih a friend or fighting till the very end. Enjoy your life
A cumbersome, catatonic existence can burn at my handsand I'll keep the torch with me, an old friend caught between young palms,ash and emotion make me stand:
Baby? A Baby?? A BABY! Oh my goodness a baby. Call me crazy
Behind the picture perfect family, There were seven precious creations. All human, all broken, all loving. Let's say two were married, Two strong sons, and three dear daughters
I'm smiling as I write this.  Not because I'm happy, no. If anything, I am quite sad. My mom is sick, the bank is taking away our house and we are left broke
Step 1: Forgiveness Forgive but don't forget I say to myself as if the knives of your words hadn't silenced me earlier, as if in between each letter of forgiveness
Nine months together and she still didn’t know, How quickly her love could truly grow. Until the day I was born, when it became clear
That aged gentleman Walking aimlessly Down the street, Jagged, broken, empty, He fits.   That weary mother Holding her crying baby At the bus stop, Pure, beautiful, blessed,
She used to walk alone, so lost and cold
9:54 pm, clean skin, faintly tingling, wrapped in fresh linen, drifting away as an air conditioner buzzes, misting the room with cool that wraps its big blue arms
As I lay in my bed In the darkness of my room, My thoughts drift over And review my life.   Living with my parents for the past 19 years, All the hopes, dreams, aspirations and tears
No clouds in the sky The sun is hot A pool and a towel Is all the worry I’ve got   No classes today No due date or test Enjoying the day Is what I do best  
Every day seems a little gray With at least someone, something, someplace To stand in my way It's not all black and white, all the stories of souls that sing of their fight.
Life is truly amazing.  The air is fresh, filling up our lungs with a breath of new life every time we inhale.
When i was a kid life was awesome We play all day out side Basketball, baseball, kickball, football, soccer, tag, water guns, balloons, and slides, and every kind of race
As silently as possible, we chitter behind the curtain. The comingled perfumes of skin from 82 bodies wafts to my nose. We crowd the stage, shuffling to be closer to people.
Music. What is it, but something cheerful, something meaningful, something real?   It is the thing that gives me breath, speaks when just plain words can't,
There’s always that certain someone That drives you crazy That expects everything from you But all the while calls you lazy  
fighting against the wind of expectation avoiding the clouded skies of society's examination tuning out claps of opinionated thundering sounds lit up by strikes of judgmental lightening rounds
I was once a goddess searching for my god,And he appeared to me in a wheelchair.But that's okay.  
A petal ripped from a rose. A story spoken in perfect prose. The sunset burning your eyes under an orange streaked sky. The song on the radio of other cars whizzing by. The perfect shot, left of center.
Flowers are little bursts of Sunshine they bring the Light into a day drepression riddles a friend of mine and i don't really care about pay so i went Surprise her and try make things just a little Better
The world  Is beautiful The way the stars form pictures beyond our imagination Is beautiful The way the sky takes a pallet of paint and constructs a portrait of yellow, red and orange each night Is beautiful
Family. They help when you are down and make you feel safe. They put clothes on my back, and food on my table.
My baby leaves for his first trip alone Without me, his brother, or father He will be gone for a week On his senior trip with friends   Lord please take care of your child  
Her name was OliviaShe waltzed down the streetAnd the boys and the birdsall gathered at her feet Her eyes soft as satinHer lips a stained roseI'd follow her gladlyanywhere she goes
Could it be? In reality as in dreams? That we could fly without wings? In younger years with thoughts pulling at seams Infinite possibilites and no attached strings.
This life we have is one of growth. We need to learn to accept the faults. Perfection is impossible
She stands tall
From the clouds in the sky to the grass on the ground everything is awesome From the roof over my head to the bed I sleep in the clothes on my back to the shoes I walk in awesome
I'm left behind, madness seeping in my mind I can't think of anything, I'm trying to solve everything Fix this problem and solve this mess, doesn't matter that I'm dying from stress
You are a amazingly beautiful person The way your smile shines even when you are in despair The way you work hard even when others dont believe in you Your words can make a person feel worthy of themselve
I could wake up tomorrow and call the cute kid in my history class And despite my solid B say “Hey I really need some help to pass” Maybe I drop that lie and ask him about go karts
Silence is terrifying, but isn't it beautiful? All of your thoughts and nothing distracting you from them. Your hopes, dreams, and fears somehow seem so loud while everything else is silent.
Monsoons wash the sky.  Makes it clean, begs the question of wonder…  Why? The rainbow is shy, never reveals itself Unless the air is pure.  But why? Scientists have answers for most inquiries.
I'm focused on being a better person, I'll still remain the same just call it a different version, I'm worried about painting the perfect picture, But picture perfect ain't worth it cause we all are gonna use a filter,
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