Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Guilty: How I Learned I Was Great

Step 1: Forgiveness

Forgive but don't forget I say to myself as if the knives of your words

hadn't silenced me earlier, as if in between each letter of forgiveness

lay an ocean of good intentions and honesty, as if it could erase the pain.....

L, you told me I would be prettier if I lost some weight, I think you would

be nicer if you kept your mouth shut and stopped measuring girl's worth

in pounds and calories. I forgive you.

B, Scars don't tell my story, my stretchmarks spell out "beautiful" and my

tears won't make me any less stronger. I forgive you.

J, for 21 months I believed forever had no expiration date and that open

legs meant more than an open heart. I was mistaken, I know my worth now

and I have galaxies growing in me. I forgive you.

Step 2: Acceptance

I realized that hiding my pain under layers of half-assed metaphors woudn't

necessarily make it go away and there's nothing beautiful or romantic in

drowning in a mere puddle when I'm as great as the sea,.

Self acceptance and growth are attained through a multifaceted journey

And just like me you may someday feel like a negative interval holds more

value than you do, and although I cannot promise you eternal sunshine, always

remember that the sun will rise the next morning,  and that you are incredibly awesome and

full of potential , regardless of our miniscule place in this universe we are important.

Never limit yourself because of your past but remember where you come from,

things will get better, use forgiveness to fight off ignorance and evil and don't

you ever forget that you're great.

Step 3: Live


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