beauty in silence

Silence is terrifying, but isn't it beautiful?
All of your thoughts and nothing distracting you from them.
Your hopes, dreams, and fears somehow seem so loud while everything else is silent.
Images of police beating and killing undeserving black Americans haunts me.
The famous words "by any means necessary" are stuck in my head.
I mourn broken necks, not broken windows.
The violence has to stop.
How else will the violence on black people end?
All of these thoughts run around in my head.
This silence is deafening.
This silence is haunting.
My thoughts are so loud.
My thoughts.
That's where the beauty comes in.
There is always beauty in something, even in the haunted silence.
You have your own thoughts.
No news pictures of burning buildings making us look like the bad person.
Your own beautiful thoughts and ambitions wanting you to let your thoughts out.
Yes it's haunting, but if you look at everything in the right light it can become pretty awesome.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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