Senior Awards Night- Grad Events Kickoff

As silently as possible, we chitter behind the curtain.
The comingled perfumes of skin from 82 bodies wafts to my nose.
We crowd the stage, shuffling to be closer to people.
People we know, people we don't even like, best friends.
Some are taking pictures.
And why not? We've all put on jeweled feathers,
As though beauty could make us fly.
It's strange how imminent departure
Brings us together.
We stand waiting.
We were told not to make noise.
But everyone is talking.
The lights go up, but the curtain is still down.
Cue the counselors to tell us "Shh..."
I think
The three seconds before it happens.
Eagerly we listen for a muffled announcement.
It comes to us as a mumble.
But we've been waiting four years for this.
We'd be able to hear it from indoors on Mars.
Just before the curtain rises,
And we're blinded by the houselights,
The miracle words:
"Join me in welcoming the class of 2015!"

This poem is about: 
My community


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