Everything is Awesome

From the clouds in the sky

to the grass on the ground

everything is awesome

From the roof over my head

to the bed I sleep in

the clothes on my back

to the shoes I walk in


From the home cooked meals

to the fast food drive thru

or even my favorite resturaunt 

just awesome

From the family that supports me

to the friends who put a smile on my face

the arguments, laughs, and memories


From going to school

being present in every class

ready to learn

absorbing knowledge through those who pass it on

From the teachers, students, and mentors

I'm learning something new everyday

one word, awesome

From my iphone

to my laptop

or how about the wifi connection

shared internet 

Skype, facetime, oovoo

awesome right?

How about my music playlist

all my favorite artists, songs, and generes

iTunes is pretty awesome

but how about pandora

oh wait, I can't forget about social networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

the ability to connect with people just like me

or maybe even the complete opposite

I still think it's awesome

because everything is awesome


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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