As Told by An Awesome Kid

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 17:21 -- leshae

When i was a kid life was awesome

We play all day out side

Basketball, baseball, kickball, football, soccer, tag, water guns, balloons, and slides, and every kind of race

Never was a fight or tears we get cut clean up then back to the fun you could see It on our faces

Drank from water hoses and played til the sun was no more

What can I say it was pretty awesome!


Baseball days the bases were made of shoes, old pillows, sticks and whatever else we could find

There was never a score just plays no one ever seemed to mind

First pitch ball second strike third CRACK!!

The ball flies right into the street light struck with so much power it spins round and round for a minute or two

The falls right in to my brothers glove “ha-ha you’re out too”

I wasn’t sad that was the coolest thing I have ever done

Never would I cry I was having to much fun


Next day race our bikes up and down the road

Pedaling as hard and as fast as I can to best my twin sister

Feeling the wind past my face and the sun on my skin I pedal and pedal to the finish line

I make it across just by a hair line

My sister shakes my hand knowing she has lost but she gave her best but im the better sister


Next day the heat is unbelievable so we cool down

Head to the store and get supplies in town

Water balloons, water guns oh do forget the super soker, the water silde has to lanes

Get back home and prepare for the war that is only way the heat can be tame

Two large buckets filled to the top in balloons

Guns two per person one big and one small

 at the base the biggest gun of them all

“Are you ready?.... FIGHT!”

Screams and yelps of joy and fun fill the day

As we try to beat the sun so hot and bright

Outside looking in all you could see in splashes of water and kids running with water guns in hand

Fighting a war of water clan verses clan

Hours of war wage on as the balloons run low we come to an end

We throw buckets of water on each other but then

We reach the end and everyone wins but the sun

No longer bound to the heat and sun we won

The sun sets we run inside from the night

Bugs and things crawl at night we have many thing that bring us fright

And one is the darkness of the night


These awesome things left as fast as they came

And once we grew up these awesome things changed

But never did those memories change

Those awesome things remind us of the beauty of child hood

So why not just for one day lets be awesome again 

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