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You know my name you don’t know my story Don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to stand before He. With a fake smile and lyin eyes Didn’t know what I was doin-Compromise. Traded my happiness for a drinkTraded my lows for highsWanted everything
I eased my eyes wide open As the day had already started My uneasy mind is stranded Lingering effects from last night’s last call   The nights are hard to handle And the pills are hard to swallow
  The fact is that you did not raise me  You neglected me  You betrayed me You left me there to figure it all out on my own
being sober is hard I can't write poetry I'm not a medieval bard. but what inspires me is everyone struggling through sobreity.  because willow died and because I cried
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
Worst of all. Better than the best. Feels like I'm flying when I fall. Will I rise to the test?   Super highs. Deadly lows. White lines. White smoke.
Affix a smile and they’ll think that you’re okay. Maybe she won’t flip out, go crazy on you today. And should you express a feeling- then you forgot your meds. Go on and take your pills. Cure what ails your head.
Hello Liz Today you drank some brandy but it did more than get you drunk you were supposed to walk a dog today but you fell asleep you were supposed to talk to your mom today but you fell asleep
The winter is cold, as am I My heart is frozen and I want to die Thoughts racing, my options clear Learn sobriety or waste another year I miss the highs of my mind, and my H lows
Drugs cannot harm you Every drug needs a catalyst and that catalyst is you What were you thinking  when you were drinking Did you see the bottle as the enemy? Or yourself Every human can be a superhero
I woke up every single day sure that I was dead; I couldn't seem to silence all the noise within my head.Reaching for my phone though I could barely use my eyes; my life was so consumed with the chase of getting’ high.Dropping to the ground, agony
I was a deer stopped dead in its tracks. My head pounding;
Who do I become 
You said you loved me the most when you weren't sober.   I asked you
It feels good not to smoke at all  I don't think that it's a joke at all  I don't want to drown my goals at all  Do some smokers I mess with preserve hope at all 
Cracks shine through the sides only to be left A dark cloud comes through, a dissapointment They expected something different not theft Not suddenly drained of their excitement
Being drug-free is uplifting. Being drug-free has impacted me. Now I have my life back and strive not to lose it again; Too bad along the way I lost many a friend. I am no longer dependent. I am free.
Life is a fight, But many of us hide behind conformity.
I used to think I could not write for a living Because my mind was blank as The pages of a journal just picked up from the store
Two sisters young climb up a tree In the snow of Christmas day They peek over the fence to watch, to see How the neighbor children play. They climb back down, they go inside
               Hero In Me>Heroin Me     
Living with this darkness. Always weighing me down. Thinking dark thoughts; wandering around this strange and lonely town. Can't get rid of this depression; seems like any hope I once held is coming to an end.
There’s no rocks at my bottom They’re up in smoke Or held as evidence And these events set precedence To my current residence My bottoms a clean slate A scratched up plate
Just one more drink you told me Just one more pill you said I wake up every morning And expect to find you dead The drug is your master that won't set you free You choose it over life You choose it over me
60-day chips from something united anonymous Anxiety Blame others, but your decisions are autonomous Variety Smirnoff, Burnett’s, Skyy, UV Society Idolizes and publicizes it, but what they don’t perceive
Are you my hero? You told me you knew everything. Does a hero have to know everything? All I know is how you pretend to.
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