Fri, 11/03/2017 - 23:14 -- lizann

Hello Liz

Today you drank some brandy

but it did more than get you drunk

you were supposed to walk a dog today

but you fell asleep

you were supposed to talk to your mom today

but you fell asleep

you were supposed to have a fun day today

but you wasted it

while wasted

it is never worth it

when you open your eyes

it is never worth it

that next glass

you can never drink again

it is cut and dry

your blood is brandy by now

your blood is poison now

80 proof

fix it

or you will die

I said it was cut and dry

you will never be happy with alcohol in your life

give it up

this is you talking

the real you that is peeking through 

let this speak louder than they do

this is you

you want to be free

just give it up

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