You know my name...

You know my name you don’t know my story Don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to stand before He. With a fake smile and lyin eyes Didn’t know what I was doin-Compromise. Traded my happiness for a drinkTraded my lows for highsWanted everything I could gets my hands on, Anything money buys. Snorted for the rush Sipped for the burn Bouncing on rock bottom, So many lessons learned. Bathin in self-loathing Marinating in lies If I learned one thing, It’s that drugs are my demise.  To be sober is to live Means my mind is clear.Even my vision is better  I can see all the people here. Here to support me, Here to show me love The strongest have been here When push comes to shove. I’m so thankful to survive So thankful to be clean The addict is still alive Yet, sober me remains serene.

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My community


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