Hard Days Ahead

The winter is cold, as am I

My heart is frozen and I want to die

Thoughts racing, my options clear

Learn sobriety or waste another year

I miss the highs of my mind, and my H lows

I miss the rush, from my head to my toes

I miss the tingly nose and the prick in the arm

The money’s gone, but I’m not alarmed

I rely on my body, rely on my charm

Now starts the burning and the ache

If I survive the detox, my mind might just break

The days drag by; I don’t think I’ll last

Can’t eat, can’t sleep, my mind moves so fast

My few loved one are here, cheering me on

But, I can’t help but think that I’m already gone

Four days later I wake with a start

I can breathe, I can see, I can feel my heart

Days are still long, life feels so bleak

But I feel like myself, and it’s only been a week

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