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60-day chips from something united anonymous
Blame others, but your decisions are autonomous
Smirnoff, Burnett’s, Skyy, UV
Idolizes and publicizes it, but what they don’t perceive

Is that its

Is an illusion
Blurred vision, spinning lights, lacerations, lung contusions

I remember shots without a chaser
Abusive nights, they didn’t phase her

Don’t be alarmed,
I feel we’re coming back around

At what point did things do wrong?
I’m not sure anyone foresaw the faults being to whom they now belong

Don’t be alarmed,
I fear this ship has come aground
And what is more consistent than insobriety
Or being stationary
Anchors dragging along ocean floors

Portare la nave in procinto di guardare un amico annegare
Sedetevi sul bordo, pregò di scendere

(Bring the ship about to watch a friend drown
Sit out on the ledge, begged you to come down)


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