Tired Lonesome Stranger

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 01:12 -- McMop21

I eased my eyes wide open

As the day had already started

My uneasy mind is stranded

Lingering effects from last night’s last call


The nights are hard to handle

And the pills are hard to swallow

I travel the day through a haze

Trying to save myself or lose it all


Don’t say you will love me when I’m sober

Because I can’t stay the winter

The leaves are falling for October

And the cold is coming on strong


It seems the days and nights

Have come and gone

And it seems I don’t know where I belong

My atlas and compass are useless again


Tired lonesome stranger

Passing through Maryland and Virginia

Never finding the beaches

And the quiet footprints in the sand


I can’t handle this load I’m packing

And the boots I’m walking in

Have lost thread and tread

From the miles and circles, I’ve been traveling in


The shadows cover my doubts stubborn angles

Caught between lies and illusions

Prayers or promises of yesteryear

Never kept, but I keep pressing on


I can’t shake these shackles

And the white line of time walking by

Reminds me of a better day when you were mine

And a postscript was more than an afterthought


Drifting wondering floating

Eventually I will find me

And I know I won’t be so lonely

Traveling through the unknown


This poem is about: 
My family


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