Clean Mind, Body, and Soul


It feels good not to smoke at all 
I don't think that it's a joke at all 
I don't want to drown my goals at all 
Do some smokers I mess with preserve hope at all 
If they do not, then I would be so appalled 
People think that I'm a golden star 
I've been clean inside my whole life 
No codeine inside my whole life 
Drugs and alcohol are my lifeless enemies 
Never will I poison my life with Hennessy 
That will have a human life spinning 
Like dirty clothes,
I don't want to convert my worthy soul into a dirty soul 
And lead to a human life's ending
I've avoided bud light, the gin and weed
That stuff breeds sin, you see 
Witness my amenity 
I express my sobriety extensively
My sobriety's infinity 
You're not depriving me of energy
I'm in the variety of entities 
Who are climbing to ascendency 
Like Willis Tower, enlightenment's  immense to me 
I'll become a messiahs with extended speed
That whiskey's not uplifting
It's conflicting, afflicting 
Your mentality, spirituality
In reality, that's excessively
Senseless, intense 
Can't associate myself with the incense. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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