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I do not want a blurring life. Occurring only once. And left to reminisce on its flavor. I want a life I can savor,
I want not a wolf in sheeps clothing a diamond in the rough a fancy french wedding I want only  SIMPLICITY not a bouquet of the finest roses a single lilac picked from the front yard
lovely wallflowerwhat you see is what you get~ sheer simplicity......Mark Toney ©️ 2021.11/4/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
I’m NOT Simple Like Simon... !!! I’m A Complex Disciple... of Great Rhyme Recitals... And SIMPLY GREAT WRITERS...
I love to look back on the simple times. The simple wonders of life. The lack of fear, anxiety; the lack of responsibility. A total freedom to run around and smell the flowers, play in the trees and messy up my clothes.
I want to say something that will change the world.   But I’m just one voice, let me be heard.  
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
(god, i thought i would have to be drunk to write this, but i don’t feel pain anymore. not really.)     There is a place I used to call home.
When we first met we were shy  I can tell you I was really nervous, I won’t lie  Lucky that our group included you and I  no words from either of us the first time we built a bridge as days went by 
It cast a line that became more like a path, whether words of pain or wrath could become Beautiful Monsters of sights unseen but in the mind of one.
Let me tell you Of what I have learned through poetry.   Sometimes, The simplest words have the most power   They’re the ones that stay on your mind And pull at your heart  
The words It blurs My eyes are watering.   The words It jerks As it shakes in my hand.  
Poetry teaches unteachable lessons Things you can’t find in a textbook or lecture The beauty of words, A universal language Poetry— friendship, a means of connection
What makes us so beautiful, is the fragility of life.   One moment it's there, and the next it not.   The simplicity of some, and the complexity of others,
I've outgrown my church shoes And all my pencils are dull   The world stops spinning when we are alone. Away from work, away from home.  
Simplicity is complexity at its finest. Society often overcomplicates the simplest Thoughts, words, and dreams. “Nothing gold can stay” “To be, or not to be” Simple phrases with so much
Nothing is truly simple But people seem to like simplicity How can that be? Your heart pounds around 70 beats a minute Neurons are constantly firing in your brain
When I lose things  I really like  I don't like it  Really  
Red blooming blossoms Light scribbling script Dark denim bottoms Great dark blue ships Roaring white rivers Charm mixed with sass Moonshine in slivers Green blades of grass
My peers look at me. They expect to see something that I simply am not. They want to see a good girl. Who has it all going on. Grades. Body. A strive for excellence.
Our universive is gigantic The fact that planet Earth is only a tiny speck of dust on an infinity that we will never discover. We want to know everything, we shouldn’t!
Albert Eintsten puts it in the best possible way: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire
Dehydration. Water the one thing I need. Water for me please.
I thought I'd be stronger  in your absence... boy was I wrong
beauty in death peace in rest appreciation for simplicity 
Struggles and Troubles arise from complications and is not awesome...   Simple means savvy, transparent and functional which is very awesome   It speaks languages
Sat back to watch the branches sway
people always want money but shit that's not what i need i dont need a three story house with a huge glaring tv i dont need six figures i just need to figure it out figure out why we're here and what life is about
I'm walking in the woods, The leaves crushing under my feet.   I smell the bark from the trees and the life from the ground below me. As I continue walking, it starts to rain.
Life and Journey, Two different meanings One connotation. Education is extremely imortant so they say. Money will make your life easier so they say. But were we really put onto this earth,
When we bleed it's crimson red when we cry our tears are clear we say words that have been said
Simplicity isn't always a bad thingIn the autumn I like to jump in leavesRun in the rain in the springIn the summer I can make sunteaFuck winterThe stars are what keeps me grounded
I went upon the streets As of yesterday Looking at nothing Yet seeing everything.   I went upon the streets And saw the dog that Barked incessantly
this morning tonight, preparing to what is set forth,maybe destiny; i speak to the light, crying and weeping, unknowingly pressing forward hastily; maybe one day i'll know, no; be
Stop, drop, listen, see. Birds sing, sun shines so brightly.... Vivaciously free.
Close the wealth inequality gap Educate the people and give them clean water,      food, housing, and stable employment. Help the people who cry out loud Free the ghettos of an oppressed crowd
I feel your pain. I know the reason why you rain. Taken for granted but giving life to the seed and having the ability to wipe out a flame.
I am from long winding roads,  from polaroid photos and old story books,  I am from the brick house at the dead end street, laughter and comfort. I am from the tall trees,  the snowflakes, 
the beauty of simplicity is an art in itself toes touching the dewy summer morning blades of grass
My room can blind eyes. The neon yellow walls fry pupils, Like sun rays daze unprotected eyes on the beach.   Be careful not to fall into the posters.
I live in the same place I was born. A small circle of protection,     preserved on every side by a cliff or mountain. It’s a mystifying place,
Soil is black, trees are brown. What's new in town? Smog fills your eyes. Look, look at this beautiful sky.   Grass is green, soft and lush. While your feet are sounding against the grounding.
How nice it must be to be a goldfish Living in ignorance. Sometimes it is the complexity That wrongs our lives. Best to learn from the fish Happy and simple.  
It floats past the ground in empty sound    there's no thought    but yet they thought   Its on the ground kicked by the the wind so softly as air through a thin layer  
It’s something SO ingenious (And nearly incomplete) It comes from a great intellect Be ready to read   To absorb my profound message I suggest you close your eyes
Brunette locks frame her face like barber shop swirls. The bright ball of fury loyally looking down from high above kisses the apples of her cheeks. Trees sway like dancers to the beat of the wind.
They Told Us They told us that things were complicated, But in the same breath they declared it was all just Black and White.   They told us that when Reverend King climbed up
He speaks as one learned He speaks holding a degree He speaks using dynamics He speaks having more knowledge than we He speaks and is heard He speaks missing a key- He speaks lacking simplicity.
And out of bed and down the stairs Dressed and showered and brushed and made and Breakfast and lunch and bus stop and bus and Locker and bells and class and friends and halls and abundance and
Ive just been layin here in bed, you're the only thing going thru my head..every little thing about you, all the things i love, all the things you do that just captivate me...
The shelf hones cures for clutter. Compartments of multiples, of sameness. All things rest in homes, Until the others need them.
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