Simplicity isn't always a bad thing
In the autumn I like to jump in leaves
Run in the rain in the spring
In the summer I can make suntea
Fuck winter

The stars are what keeps me grounded
Knowing if I get lost , they're easily found
A fiery ball billions of light years away
Has just so very much to say

Simplicity leaves doors open
Instrumental music creates songs unspoken
It's just some stupid idiotic notion
That life is meant to be stressful and broken
It's caused the world quite a commotion

When things begin to get complicated
Take a second and wait a minute
If there's been worse, don't sweat it
If there hasn't, just survive it

Don't over estimate your years
But don't let that have you sitting in fear
We have forever
How long is forever?
Sometimes only one second.
Sometimes years of moments irrelevant

And when you can't keep track of the days
What is the point in these senseless ways
Do something just so you can say
I'm not letting this world control me today

I'll dance and sing to my music in the car
Or write some poetry in the dark
Climb the baseball fields at the park
Make some kind of sassy remark

When you start to see simplicity
As the absolute reality
It becomes easier to see
Life is only as hard as you let it be


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