Ode to Life

I do not want a blurring life.
Occurring only once.
And left to reminisce on its flavor.
I want a life I can savor,

Carefully pick apart the seeds,
roll them in my mouth
one by one
As they tell stories through their taste.

A yellowish seed with a sudden burst of sour
A coral one, slightly sweeter to taste.
A rare rufous red so fruity and rich,
You crave another to come sooner.

Then there’s a bitter one, that comes once only
And you shrink at its bitter distaste
And wish it would come never
But that is the life I want,

Exploring seeds undoubtedly,
or with careful hesitation
For when the bowl is empty
It will have made all the difference.

This poem is about: 


Gul iqbal

This poem is something i was writing at 12 am

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