Nothing is truly simple

But people seem to like simplicity

How can that be?

Your heart pounds around 70 beats a minute

Neurons are constantly firing in your brain

What seems to be so simple is quite the opposite

For there is more information than you could ever know

What I hope to discover is the simplicity of being simple itself

Fine wine and summer nights are the simplest of my days

Yet not simple enough

My mind wanders in the wrong direction

Feeling lonely, lost, and forgotten

By you

Troublesom and uneasing

My thoughts are filled with memories that have left me aching

Aching for what

I am not sure

Because my emotions are a wide open door

My heart rate goes up at night 

And my brain races

Anxiety is no where near simple

Nor is a feeling of passion, care, or love

If feelings or thoughts were simple

Perhaps you would feel nothing at all

A blank mind

and an empty heart

Living a life that would be meaningless

But simple

I don't want simple

I want meaningful

But of course

We can't always get what we want

Simplicity is the art of being complex

But understanding how to live in such a way that brings you peace

and happiness

I struggle to do such a thing

But I'd like to live that way.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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