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And out of bed and down the stairs
Dressed and showered and brushed and made and
Breakfast and lunch and bus stop and bus and
Locker and bells and class and friends and halls and abundance and
Snacks and locker and books and class and class and class and
Remember to remember and get and do and tell and give and forget and
Collect smiles and frowns and laughs and memories and homework and
Homework and homework and tasks and stories and

If things were to slow,
Then enjoyment would double,
For the time taken to notice,
To fall in love with every detail,
Creates a passion for the whole,
To the vague contentment of the whole,
Held from every detail.
If the repeating repetition was to be interrupted,
By the thinking,
But most of all enjoying.
Really enjoying.

After school tasks and one and the next and clubs and groups and
Trying to remember songs and tasks and dates and supplies and
Smiles and laughs and boredom and dread and apathy and
Mostly dreading and avoiding the next and the homework and
Homework and homework and tasks that await and
Chores and duties and more activities and wasted time and
Planned and known and acknowledged and averted and pursued and
Home and the couch and the internet and not resting and not thinking and
More information and more useless filler and plans and thoughts and
Outrage and interests and jokes and procrastinations and stories and
Pains of him and her and Katy and David and friends and mostly strangers and
Wasting and mindlessly wasting and wasting and avoiding and
Eating and roaming and playing and not enjoying and living and
Moving and pretending and them and they and he and she and not me and
Things to fill time and filler and waiting and filler and regretting the next and next
And night and tomorrow and future and now and

Everything in every way.
The sunshine on the desk,
The papers on the table,
The relations to the whole wide world,
If everything was taken in.
Focus afforded.
Fewer things to enjoy increase the joy within,
Increase and deepen the knowledge,
The depth of the mind.
Every detail separated,
Pondered upon,
Consequence considered,
Importance integrated,
Relevance remembered,
No matter how little,
Because importance is bigger than mass.
All importance is lost, with the tiny details,
As the myriads,
Turning to one dreaded task,
Passing at such great speeds,
Slipping into oblivion,
With focus well spent,
Time can tell its lessons,
Each day will weigh more,
With less,
Done deliberately,
And with more enjoyed.
Less filler,
More insight.
To know all there is to know,
Purity is paramount,
"Simplicity, simplicity,"

Back out again and jazz and music and moving and working and
Regretting and more and more worry and more and stress and
Exhaustion and improvement and neglect and regression and standstill and
Scolding and forgetting and listening and looking and not hearing and seeing and
Sick and sick and tired and yawning and daydreaming and acting and
Ignoring and learning and knowing and receiving and
Getting more tasks and assignments and dread and things and regrets and lazy and
Sleeping and awake and lonely and cold and moving and watching the clock and
Leaving and waving and saying goodbye and home and seeing the time and heart dropping and Fear for tomorrow and the morning and the next hour and twenty minutes and
Dread and procrastinations and more of the same and
Internet and devices and homework and Twitter and homework but
Instagram and email and homework and music and exhaustion and boredom and dread and
Homework and vacancy and tears and hunger and wishes and regrets and
Would and should and could and will and won't and probably will anyways and
Alone and tired and quiet and procrastination and daydreams and
Nightdreams and toothbrush and tired and journal and brief and
Uninterested and annoyed and mirrors and not changing and bed and covers and

If everything were not so rushed,
But drawn out comfortably in the time surrounding the day.
If the activities were staccato,
Separate and complete,
Instead of one activity rushing into the next.
Instead of one hour blending into the next.
Instead of one day, month, year, bleeding into the next.
If everything were remembered in detail,
Related to the whole in depth,
And left as it was,
Life would be enjoyed.
A life enjoyed,
A life lived.
A life lived,
A life well spent,
Without the
Apprehension and tasks and disinterest and filler and clubs and groups and homework
But including the necessary peace,
Any moment enjoyed, comprehended, or contemplated,
Any moment worth living,
Can be found here,
"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity."


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