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To love her takes time It's taken to much time to find mine With every loss she'll sit and cry She's loved alot and can't deny   With everyday there's things to think about
Here I am, here I lay, the safety of my home, the safety of my ways. On my couch, where I lay, it swallows me whole, just like the good old days.
  I am that. A female But that’s all you see  You see my body and crave it  Yet if I give it to you I’m a “slut” 
I am a woman. A man grabs me and calls me beautiful I hold my baby as my husband leaves me  He leads me to his car after drugging my drink
Women aren’t better than menwe stand on the same groundwe can do what they can women aren’t weaker or less important we want to be treated the samehuman is all of our name
Imagine Moving to a strange country.  You're so young and get married so abruptly,  To a man you were forced to love, and you're going to have a baby. You move from Italy to Queens, where the people are pretty shady
Women get discriminated since birth and are treated differently than her brother But they don't make noise like men!
She grew from soil and bone -- all by the hands of the old man.  She wished to leave and learn the world,  So, cursed from her homeland,  Old Gardner thrust her from her roots. 
The word "misnomer" trails my path, As I spread my bare arms infront their eyes. The gaudy colours shout out unsophistication The avaricious dresses berating those succulent curves
We are women of colour living in a world of terror   We sometimes feel inferior  Useful only for our exterior   
  Momma always tried to take care of me  She would say “wear longer shorts” Or check if my black leggings were dark enough
תשובה (Teshuva)   The truth is, I am not sorry. I will not apologize For the skirt that hangs above my knees Or the lipstick tinged with feminism. I will not sit shiva
Grow up, Stop looking at things so close up. I sat the bench all season of Field Hockey, Some said it's because I'm not too jockey. I watched my friends run and play, While I sat there feeling gray.
My life has been anything but comfortable. I starved myself, cut my wrists and tried to find anything punishable. As a little girl you filled shelves with love, you never imagined it get so tough.
Richard Lee, Robert E Lee’s brother The man who raped his slave His slave, my great great great great grandmother My blood is the blood of the oppressor but also the survivor
I thought I was fine That the world I lived in was divine Until I realized it was being covered by blinds I'm not enough I'm told because I'm a woman expected to fold but I'm sick of not being enough 
As I get older My eyes get wider I can see the world  As its meant to be seen   The world is cold and dark The new is bleak and stark   As I understand more My hopes grow dim 
Predatory glares in her direction since she was eleven By men old enough to be her father, Turning safe places into distressed memories.
I am a triple threat Yes I am a triple threat I sing, do art, and dance with no regret Yes I am creative and love to express But being a triple threat comes with stress You must always to dress to impress 
I see her A girl, a small ignorant girl Looking back at my eyes She’s angry, she’s sad She’s crying, she’s mad Because inside her, her spirit dies
You are alive you are alive so produce some light  you are alive  so make your own fight you are alive  so make you, you
RuthFriedaSojournerHarrietJaneGloriaSusanSimoneSallyRosieOctaviaMayaMargaretJaneIsadoraEmmelineElizabethAudreAmeliaAdaEvery day I say these namesThe namesOf strong WOMENNot of strong menBecause the men's stories become the same over time. But not
Her name; an important presence Polite, Reserved, and Proper: The smokescreen of authentic identity With cracks at the edges of an unceasing mold,
to be strong they say, is to be independent. to not need help, to not need the dreaded opposite: men. estrogen and testosterone cannot unite, they say, that only a traitor would lend a helping hand,
  I am the written woman matron and maiden breathing through epistolary pages   declared, written, whispered in your insanity and passion   
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