Women get discriminated since birth and are treated differently than her brother
But they don't make noise like men!

Women are eve-teased and are called names on the streets
But they don't make noise like men!
Instead they returns home with a broken heart and a smiling face

Women also hear offensive remarks for the delay in getting a job.
But, still they don't make noise like men!

Goddesses are offered Flowers and fruits
Worshipped by every human being on Earth.
But, when it comes to women,
They are treated like wooden toys to play with.
Snatched and raped, thrown on the streets, numb and naked.
Scars all over, their fragile heart shattered into pieces.
But, we women don't make noise like men!
Because since birth we were taught to bear every pain with a persistent demeanor.

Women are told to be pretty,
being Ugly will diminish their status in society
One shade darker indeed considered as a flaw.
But, still women don't make noise like men!

Women alone bleed with unbearable pain for 4 days
Yet, they cook for their entire in laws with humble sweet words.
Even after marriage, Women bear her baby for 9 months and go through unbearable labour pain breaking multiple bones in the process.
But, still Raise her child till death
Still, Women don't make noise like men!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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