The Gospel of Old Gardener

She grew from soil and bone -- all by the hands of the old man. 

She wished to leave and learn the world, 

So, cursed from her homeland, 

Old Gardner thrust her from her roots. 

Her daughters felt the fall. 

By brothers, sons, and those alike, 

They cut and beat them all. 

Her limbs and stem breathed life to thee. 

She suffers all alone. 

And still her brothers, sons, and the Old Gardner burn her home. 

Oh, her brothers sons and the Old Gardner burn her hearth and home.


And each new son, and those alike, are made with daughters seed.

Old Gardner and brothers alike depend upon her breed.

For neither lives if mother dies--

Her womb has sustained them--

But so they find that she survives with only but a stem.

Oh, so they find she can survive if only left a stem. 


She cries above to hands that birthed and cursed her from the ground. 

She cries above to the Old Gardner, 

Aching to be found.

"Oh why, Old Gardner, have you damned and thus forsaken thee 

To face the wrath of those made from  the earthbed next to me? 

My daughters have been raped and my own sons have cut me down. 

Why water raise and make my kind only to let us drown? 

Oh, why make us live and watch us as my own sons cut us down?"


Old Gardner answered not in words but whispers to his sons 

To tell both mother/slave alike which breed are precious ones.

"Old Gardner told us long ago your curse from holy sod. 

He said you sought to learn the world.

Old Gardner is our God

Oh, Old Gardner taught you well with us, the world is cruel with God."

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