I do not Need Feminism


14613 Manor Road
United States

to be strong they say,

is to be independent.

to not need help, to not need the dreaded opposite:


estrogen and testosterone cannot unite, they say,

that only a traitor would lend a helping hand,

show humanity to the inhumane;

lose their woman-hood by exploring man-hood,

betray, betray, betray,

abandon the whole cause,

abandon independence.

and for what?

for a bumper sticker? for online merit?

no, human-hood, would not have gotten this far,

if woman-hood and man-hood were separate,

if women were oil and men were water,

completely unable to agree, ever.

no, no, we, human-hood, are like

sugar and salt;

both made of different compounds,

both appearing so polarized at the molecular level,

but when each is held side-by-side--mixed together even,

we notice, they aren't any different.

yes, one tastes more sweet, and the other bitter, 

however, they mix perfectly in society among themselves,

despite their differences,

they dissolve in the same liquid--water--that keeps us all going;

woman-hood midst man-hood, and man-hood midst woman-hood,

in perfect harmony, rather then separate but equal,

as atoms, molecules, nature, as human-hood,

has always intended.



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