Momma Always Tried to Take Care of Me


Momma always tried to take care of me 

She would say “wear longer shorts”

Or check if my black leggings were dark enough

even if I was just going to practice sports.


Every party that I would go to

She would check the length of my dress

“Are you wearing shorts under?

I couldn’t show too much skin I guess. 


I never understood why was there such necessity

I was barely in middle school when it began

She would just glance at my clothes before I went out

She said soon I would understand. 


Momma always tried to take care of me

And it was in high school that I realized why

There was all types of girls with different styles there,

Some girls would wear their skirts very high

Others didn’t mind showing skin, and that was fine

“The ones with makeup are older”, people would imply

Guys would find any detail that could justify.


Momma always tried to take care of me, 

But there is only so much she can do . 

Boys will be boys

And as girls we’re expected to just push through.


It is known as “catcalling”

A whistle, a comment, a simple phrase it takes

It’s actually called sexual harrassment

but hey just give it a break.


I walked home from school as usual,

Until a red car slowed down by my side

“Hey pretty one. Your leggings look amazing from behind

 let me have your number while I give you a ride”.


I walked fast and afraid as I was followed

Even passed my house, scared they would come back

It was then when I realized I wasn’t a little girl anymore

I was growing and awareness I couldn’t lack.


Momma always tried to take care of me,

She wanted to protect my innocence

Never dress to catch attention or cause trouble

But the way I dressed didn’t make a difference.


I now know what being a young woman means

It doesn’t mean learn to pass by and ignore

It means fight back so they learn to respect the body that is yours

Don’t let it be just be one comment more

Call them out for harrassing you as you pass by the store

Let them know that’s something you won’t stand for.


I can proudly say I’m not afraid anymore.

I was too young to understand before

But now I know how to fight back in the catcalling war

More respect as we walk down the street is what I speak for. 

Momma always tried to care of me.

But she raised a strong girl.


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