Hey Beautiful

Predatory glares in her direction since she was eleven

By men old enough to be her father,

Turning safe places into distressed memories.

“She’s only thirteen” her mother would say

When she caught a passerby ogling

at the young, innocent girl.

Fifteen was her first confrontation.

“How you doin’ sexy?” is not very charming

When it comes from a stranger twice your age.

She relied on her boyfriend to keep her safe at 17.

Constantly clinging to him when passing groups of guys,

Praying they would at least respect another man.

“Hey beautiful” and a threatening smile                               Hensler 2

by a man with gray, balding hair at a gas station.

“Yo you got a nice butt”

By a group of boys driving by in the school parking lot.

“Dang girl your a** fat”

By another boy from school at a McDonald’s.

At 18 she was fed up.

“I’m underage” was no longer an acceptable defense.

She felt dirty, worthless, defenseless

These men may have not committed a crime,

But they are robbers.

In ten words or less—sometimes none at all—

they stole her self respect and threw it in the street.

The incivility shown to this young girl

For  doing nothing more than being there,

Brought to her mind a question:

“Who had taught these men that it was okay to talk to women like that?”

Surely not their mothers.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Elise E

Good Job.

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