Triple Threat

I am a triple threat

Yes I am a triple threat

I sing, do art, and dance with no regret

Yes I am creative and love to express

But being a triple threat comes with stress

You must always to dress to impress 

And If you don't fit into the mold of today's stereotypes, it's a problem 

You see I'm not just some cocky child claiming to be this multitalented creative genius. 

I am actually a triple threat, but I might have spruced it up a bit

Made it more appealing 

When I say I'm a triple threat I mean I'm a triple threat to society. 

I am the epitome of wrong. 

In the eyes of America, I am scum. 

Being me is considered dumb. 

Well I'm sick of being scared. 

Scared to leave my house, 

scared to walk the streets. 

The fear of being me over comes my life. 

At any given moment I could be shot dead,

Just because of the skin on my body 

or the hair on my head. 

I'm a black women and that's a struggle in itself. 

But on top of that, I have to hide on a shelf. 

People want me to be this perfect image,

A trophy bride. 

I can't conform to these stereotypes. 

That would be against my civil rights. 

I am who I am

Whether you except me or not

That's just how it is. 

You say I can't be a faithful Christian because I'm a sinful monster. 

But all I know is that my God, 

the Heavenly Father, is awesome 

and I will praise him each and every day. 

Who I'm attracted to; 

will not and can not stop that. 

That's a fact. 

You can't chastise me for being me. 

So stop trying. 

I'm already bitter 

against you privileged pigs

My people have been chastised for unnecessary decades. 

So think before you approach me with your idiotic charades 

I'm done dealing with your ignorance 

Once and for all

It's 2017. 

This is America right?

We're one nation 

Under God


With liberty and justice

For most. 





This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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