Because We Are Girls

I am a woman.

A man grabs me and calls me beautiful

I hold my baby as my husband leaves me 

He leads me to his car after drugging my drink

A crowd screams at me as I walk into the abortion clinic

I cry on the bed in pain from the things that happened in the night

He forces me to wear these clothes, to please these men

The school tells me I can’t wear tank tops because it’s distracting

I look down at my plate thinking about his opinion on my weight

He tells me to dress more revealing so he’s not embarrassed of me

They won’t take my case to court because he was a minor

I am scared to leave my house in fear of men

Women can’t wear short dresses because she’s trying too hard

Women can’t dress down because she’s lazy

If you eat, you’re fat

If you don’t eat, you’re too skinny

Why do these things happen to us?

Because we are girls.

Men do not own us, never have and never will

We are girls and we are powerful


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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