I see her

A girl, a small ignorant girl

Looking back at my eyes

She’s angry, she’s sad

She’s crying, she’s mad

Because inside her, her spirit dies

Her unfinished frame,

So young, not mature

She’s upset, over her sheer size

At school, she’s looked down upon,

And gets no respect,

I should know, she’s none other than I.

And at my own face, I stare

Taking in the despair,

That no, I’m no woman yet

But one like myself,

Cannot but help

Wanting not to forget,

A few years have passed,

I see the girl once again

But now, oh she’s not just a girl

Her locks have curled

And her height has upped,

And at her feet, spinning is the world

Strength in her step

Power in her name

Yes, she has lost all reason to cry

Held high by family,

And loved by her friends,

I should know, she’s none other than I.

And in the still water,

Now I truly see

That this is where I am from,

And proudly I take,

In all the beauty

Of the woman I had now become.


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