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So Just Like My Namesake In... “ The Great Escape “... I’m The King of The COOLER Kinda Like... " Rick The Ruler ".... A TRUE School Type Mover TOP NOTCH Rhyme Producer... !!!
Responsiblity mean i can do thing on my own
Life is worth living Everybody deserves to be giving When you get hit You learn to deal with it When you fall down You may hit the ground However it is not the end
You make me feel empty You make me feel sadYou make me feel like I have lost everything I had Now all I do is lay here and cryI even sometimes wish I could just lay down and die
You make me feel empty You make me feel sadYou make me feel like I have lost everything I had Now all I do is lay here and cryI even sometimes wish I could just lay down and die
A child I was in a distant, unknown land For I lacked something big, something grand Yet I did not know where to look Therefore my heart fell forsook
I am a  baby I enter the world and open my beautiful eyes to see the light Cute as a baby, oh that’s me Smiles from bundles of joy   Poof! I am a kid
Dearest me,I start this letterWith you 
My freedom escapes me, so separated by clumps of grasse My freedom is lost,  to the cages of pavement
A quiet morning resonates a soul like stones dropped in clear water.
Why strive to be something that is unimportant? Something that can only have potential for misfortune. Still, people count their flaws and cut themselves down to portions.
Does structured poetry convey the same emotional movement as slam poetry? Who am I to say, That a three lined haiku Doesn’t move one’s heart
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
Hard work, you can get anywhere if you have it It is something you have to admit And if you commit Surely you will be happy And I can bet
  Hidup Diantara Ruang Lingkup Orang-Orang yang Berfikiran Negatif
What keeps me calm hypes me up What makes me strong Lives me up When all is wrong And seems abrupt On a deserted wasteland no empty cups The Juiceman their to pipe it up
"The expanse of the sky  The shine of the stars When the sleeping world lies The golden silence is ours The great big sea With hidden graves The oceans deep With countless waves
I am writing poetry about my feelings at school I do not express them openly because I am cool I go to school to learn and read cool books I pretend not to cry cuz it messes up my looks
Mariah Sure, that's me. That is my name. The first thing people see. But when they let themselves in, And pass through the door, When they find themselves inside, But not finding what for,
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Sometimes I feel like wasting my time Being here doing nothing, letting life go by But through it all I begin to remember The wonderful blessing it is to be alive.  
Don't let people push you don't slam the door on a new inspiration be positive
Do you know a life at home?With heart felt loveAll around and above
I was born with the sun in my teeth and hair with mercury pouring out of my fingers and toes Unburdened with the notion of needing to be anything at recess I practiced the sprinkler so I could be everywhere at once
Roses are red, violets are blue, we're going to Orlando with someone cool.
Chivelry is not dead, it has only spread to the men Inocence, instead, has met it's inevitable end For once there was a question weather to hold her hand
Whew! I got to catch a breath got to keep going got to keep buzzing Show the opposition what kind of matter I’m made of. And I will keep buzzing and blazing bright no matter if we are Down below or way up high.
I've never written a rap before
Still darkness engulfs me Like a sea of liquid ink When a hand palms my chest Bashing like a bomb Bashing like a bomb Rhythmically Just as I take the offensive I see the mistaken oppressor
During my 5th and 4th grade years, Well, I don’t want to say that I was hot stuff… But I’ll say it anyway: One. Popular. 10 year old. Hollister jacket hair straightener iPod Nano
A yellow stick It can perform any trick
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
The stars; so far yet so near. Though impossible, I can feel their soft whispers through the night. Rippling in my ear, each has a story to tell, A story of the beginning, the now, and the end.
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
A place where you're rediculed, Picked on, Taunted. A place where friends,
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
First Samantha Hyde 
  Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst.
Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst. Touched by your warm smile, waiting all along just to hold you a while. Tulips grow in May showers, 
I'm not much of a poet, and I'm sure that I show it. But if I had to pick something to change, there would be no limits, for those who have spirit, because they have everything to gain.
The world is crazy, but never slowing down  I see so many different people whenever I look around  Black, white, yellow, and red  I see all these people inside my head  But why do we hate the way people look 
What would I change? Shit, where do I start... If only I could eliminate all the times a boyfriend stomped on my heart.  If I could erase all the times I stayed in the house,
Education, a thing we take  advantage in this generation.
Take a seat,  and close your mouth. Let me torment you instead. The lesson for today, is role reversal; Take a seat  and take it to the head. Let me take my anger out on you,
They say education is important So why can’t it be When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test
Teachers are blind. There is so much they don't see. So much they don't understand. About us, The students.   "Getting to know you" activities aren't fun, They're uncomfortable.  
    Why do you teach History in English? You've got it all wrong. Why teach about English in History? Why don't you just switch jobs! I'm tired of getting confused. I'm tired of worrying about my grades. You said you'd grade my work a week ago.
School.. It ain't for fools It'll never be cool ! Hey there sir, miss, profesors and principal I think, that it is really critical I must say, there is alot to change in this school
Cold hard seats.  I tug at my sweater a little more. The A.C. kicks on And I feel like meat Hanging in a locker. Tap. Tap. Tap. The girl in front Of me taps her pencil Against the desk. 
You're walking home from the store It's burning on the pavement floor You have this sudden urge, what for? To pick it up and smoke it   You've never cared to try it When "peer-pressure" as they call it
It all started in Africa where Adam was a bachelor.
High. High up I look down and see. Really see. See everything. I feel so separate. I am no longer a part of that. Any of that. I like it. I love it. I get to see.
Sweater vest You are the best You keep my arms cool While warming my chest
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