The Beats Still Burst


Still darkness engulfs me

Like a sea of liquid ink

When a hand palms my chest

Bashing like a bomb

Bashing like a bomb


Just as I take the offensive

I see the mistaken oppressor

A speaker thrashing immobile

Beside me

As the beats get louder

As the beats get stronger

The crowd closes closer

Until your own form

Becomes unrecognizable

Among the fleshy mass

Shifting with each speaker’s blow

Rhythmic as the tides

Serpentine waves

Pushing and pulling those around us

Almost as if empty space is universally feared

Each subtle movement

Made by anyone



Amplified within the crowd

Each body perspires

Hoping to maintain individual regulation

As if not cells in

The sinuous serpent

Steam squirms up

From the heat below

Almost like our coagulated being

Is exhaling




Senses are annulled

Our minds have gone black

Expressing just the animalistic



The Musicians

Absorbing their power

Observing the control each note

Has on their subjects

Has on their subject

We’ve merged into one


Breaking away from the mass

And I see the exhaustion

Energy drained from my humanity

The beats still burst

But can now be endured

When they palm my back

I walk

Savoring my regained mobility

I walk through a nearby field

The rippled beats get softer

The reptilian beast lost by the horizon

The night sky is as black

As the previous ink sea

Calm before the madness

The sun, stars, and moon eclipsed

Leaving earth behind to wallow

Breath regained

The ground beneath my feet

The air at my sides

The night sky above my cranium

Now engulfed by our universe

In utter silence

But silence can never exist

For if it gets too quiet,

You begin to hear the beats

Emanating from your heart



Wow, this is wonderful. You're an awesome poet!


Thanks! That means a lot to me. 


I love this, this seizes so much emotion and is very powerful. 


Love the way you described the crowd at a show awesomeeeee!


I love the emotion you put into this poem!!!


amazing :)


This is amazing.

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